by Founder Aneta Freesoul

Living with a chronic illness is extremely difficult, constant pain or regular medical intervention can be debilitating to your day-to-day well-being.  I know, after years struggling with constant inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and other quite challenging symptoms, I was all set to give up trying to find relief and just accept the hand I had been given.

I had been searching for several years for a natural approach that could help to manage my illness and well-being. Then by chance one of my friends, with a doctorate in Chemistry, introduced me to CBD oil.  I was extremely sceptical at first, especially given I had tried so many natural remedies over the years, and that it was also derived from the cannabis plant family.

Driven by pain, my hunger for good health grew and I started frantically researching the benefits of this oil that is extracted from the hemp plant. Very quickly I realised that this was exactly what I had been looking for, after some trial and error finding the correct balance, my body started to respond.  I started to feel much improved within weeks, and I experienced a massive shift in my body, mind, and well-being within months.

It not only helped me to feel better physically, but on so many levels, I was clearer mentally, and felt refreshed and more present in my life.  This product was an incredible find, my extensive research and newfound knowledge allowed me to tailor the product to suit my needs and after years of using products off the shelve I decided to put my heart, soul, knowledge, and experiences into creating my own dedicated range of products Natures-Drops.  Allowing ease of use and the perfect balance of CBD in each and every product, whether using, oil, balm. cream or soap.

My hope is my products will benefit many people, by allowing them the means to alleviate chronic and acute ailments, heightening well-being and lessen anxiety and stress.

Natures-Drops is my gift to you.

Aneta Freesoul


Aneta Freesoul


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